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Comharchumann Árann


Email: eolas@cfarann.ie
Telephone: 099-61354
Service: Community Development

Comharchumann Inis Mór, established in 1991, provides a wide range of services to the islanders, including administration of a home for the elderly, running a re-cycling centre, developing leisure activities, setting up a diesel station, and support for local businesses. It also lobbies government for better infrastructure and other improvements. It is the focal point of the community’s activities.

The co-op employs three full-time staff; a further 50 are involved in running the various activities and centres. Údarás has been a major partner in the co-operative since its foundation and has assisted with an annual administration grant, with training programmes, and with Research and Development support.

Comharchumann Forbartha Árann Teo; – Supporting the Inis Mór Co-Op since 1991.